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The Art of Sculpting Body & Space

Examples of my most recent choreographic works. Visit my Vimeo page to see more. 


First presented at Dance Mission Brigade Harvest: Fall Choreographers Showcase in San Francisco. 

An excerpt of a larger work where I explore the emotions surrounding the history and science of color. This piece explores red and its dichotomy that symbolizes power for men and sensuality for women. When women embrace sensuality and sexuality, derogative epithets follow. When men embrace their power, they are celebrated.

Red Dance - Sarah Alex Wade Photo by Carmen Veronica.jpg



As the choreographer for Spamalot for Pintello Comedy Theater in Gilroy, CA, I had the opportunity to choreograph dances for adults ranging from tap numbers to comedic burlesque solos.

His Name is Lancelot.jpeg

Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale"


A collaboration with Peninsula Symphony Orchestra. I choreographed, directed, and performed modern reimagining of Stravinsky's A Soldier's Tale with a libretto by Carol Wolf.

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